Restrictions Proposed for Stopping Damage Caused to the Environment

Restrictions Proposed for Stopping Damage Caused to the Environment

A camping ban has been proposed on specific places outside Eugene-Springfield area so as to reduce environmental damage done by homeless campers.

This is mainly intended towards reducing the number of homeless camps in easily accessible and popular recreation areas near Cougar Reservoir, Terwilliger Hot Springs and McKenzie River.

People staying in these places quite often leave human waste and garbage which pollutes the environment to a great extent.

As per the proposal, camping outside the officially developed sites will be stopped. Apart from that, camping along parts of McKenzie River along with east part of McKenzie Bridge will be banned. The summer time attracts hundreds of campers to these places because of the mild and sunny climate.

Even though some people care to bury their waste but in majority of cases human waste and trash are left by campers polluting creeks and rivers. There are lots of instances where used toilet paper along with human faecal waste has been found in large concentrations.

Wild animals like jays, bears, coyotes, skunks and racoons get used to the leftover food at such campsites which might prompt them to search for foods at cabins and homes.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the place as a campsite is that it is easily accessible and includes, restaurants, gas station and a store within a couple of miles distance.

However, for campsites that are more than fourteen days old, the occupants will be asked to leave by forest officials. People camping illegally will be charged with $100 fine.

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