Second Round of Holiday Movers at South Canterbury

It’s a booming time for businesses at South Canterbury camping grounds in New Zealand as a second round of holiday makers are moving towards the district. Ground managers earlier accepted that their eventful period has ended but they are still busy to cope up with demand as people continue to gather in the area.


According to Kathryn Horrell of Geraldine Kiwi Holiday Park, many people have already left the place and returned to their homes there is yet another round of campers that started dwelling the place.

Although the second round did not reach its peak levels, it is still enough to keep the staff busy which really had a hectic time from few days before Christmas to a couple of days ago. Majority of the campers visiting the site are from Ashburton, Christchurch, and Dunedin.

The road closure due to heavy rains on the West Coast has increased the number of tourists at afield this year as they are staying at the camping grounds. The road closure brought a sequel that created lot of business.

Joan Chamberlain, of Kurow Holiday Park says that even though the staff was busy there was still plenty of time as another small round of staff has joined. Even after the heavy winds and rains the number of campers stayed at the park was of the same level with previous years.

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