bleeding heart

Sevier County Garden Association Holds Flower Sale

The UT Extension Service and The Sevier County Area Master Gardeners Association have hosted the 8th Annual Flower & Garden Show and Sale that was held on Saturday at the Sevier County Fairgrounds. The sale of flowers is open and the proceeds of it will be diverted to provide camp scholarships of 4-H students.

bleeding heart

The 24 vendors at the sale include landscaping specialists, local nurseries and suppliers of gardening requirements.

Event organizer Linda Oakberg said that the vendors are selling everything that grows.

At the event, speakers gave seminars on growing coffee trees, mushroom farming and how to whack wicked weeds. The event has generated a fair turnout despite the inclement weather.

Dorothy Loveday, a teacher from Pigeon Forge who has attended the event for the first time said that she was surprised to see some different things like the thorn-less blackberries and bleeding hearts. She added that such plants cannot be seen at places like Wal-Mart and it is a nice place to buy as it supports the community.

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