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State Park Campgrounds in Wisconsin Get More Electric

The demand for electric supplies near Wisconsin campgrounds has been increasing continuously. Most of the campers always head for the electric sites to charge their laptops or mobiles.

The campers are demanding more and more electric support to get proper technological comfort.  The campers will be excited to see the extra electrical support during the summer camping and Memorial day.

campgrounds electric

This largest project of electrification would be completed by the month of July.  There are around 18 forests and state parks and all will get extra electrical sites with upgraded features. This project was of around two years and its budget was of $2 million. In this project 192 electrical sites were created and electrical systems of more than 285 parks were upgraded.

The work has been completed in some parks like Big Foot Beach, Roche-A-Cri, Kohler-Andrae, etc. After completion of work, more than 1,172 campsites in Wisconsin will see proper electrification.

The law in the State does not allow the campgrounds to provide above 30 percent electric sites. The experts at Wisconsin State park said that electricity is seen as the most important amenity by the visitors. The campsites in Wisconsin are one of the most visited sites and witness more than two million people in a year.

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