Camping City Creek Canyon

Transients at City Creek Canyon to Be Evicted from Camping

The transients camping in the City Creek Canyon are going to be evicted because there have been complaints by the nearby locals.

The locals complained that they have been victims of nuances like unsafe fires, urination, panhandling and burglaries.

But not all the transients participate in those “regular activities”. Take for instance John and Alma. They were homeless and were facing dead ends everywhere. They headed for Salt Lake City in search of shelters, but their experiences weren’t that memorable enough. The other transients were smoking in their faces and were selling drugs right in front of their eyes.  

Few days later they arrived at the City Creek Canyon with high hopes to see the scenic beauty of the area. They were having a nice time with their blue tent fitting nicely in the midst of the shrubbery and trees and most of all, being far away from the main road.

But their happiness was short-lived, with the nearby residents complaining about the panhandling and burglary. They also reported to the police that the transients were using the private properties as restrooms. On Monday morning the police arrived at the illegal camping location, turned them out and guided them back to the downtown shelters. Police officials were reportedly saying that long-term solutions are on their mind.

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