UAE Municipal Authorities Urge People Not to Disturb Migratory Birds While Camping

The municipal authorities of the UAE have urged the public on taking precautionary steps while camping so as to avoid threat to bird’s migration and the environment.

This is part of an initiative for World Migratory Birds Day which generally happens on 11th and 12th May. This is done to make communities aware about the threats and risks that migratory birds face while focussing on the need to protect such birds and even their natural habitats.


These birds travel huge distances and cross different areas to feed and rest. However, deforestation and land reclamation has led to increasing threat to their migration along with their habitats. The awareness campaign has advised residents to follow every guideline from the authorities and avoid disturbing birds when visiting mountainous and desert regions.

Dr Reza Khan, a senior official from Zoo and Wildlife Management stated that these birds prefer areas close to water and people should set their camps at some distance from the wadi or pool.

He also stated that people should avoid the use of plastic materials as they are non-biodegradable and harm the environment in different ways. The wildlife sanctuary of UAE supports nearly sixty seven species of water birds and serves as critical staging ground of various migratory birds.

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