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Vintage Camping at the River Bend Campground

The campers can now get the vintage feel in their camping experience. There have been numerous vintage travel trailers created by the Rollin’ Oldies Vintage Trailer Group this weekend to the River Bend Campground.

In the event of an open house on Saturday, Ron Alley from Culver, 81, was sitting outside a Pierce Arrow Travelodge of 1939. Alley said in a statement that he is in love with the idea of restoring the old cars, and that the trailers go right away to fit into the wheelhouse.

Glenn Anderson from Albany got his Ford Econoline van colored which gave it the look of the mystery machine in Scooby Doo. Along with the Econoline, Anderson also brought to the event the 1957 E1 Rey.

Anderson talked about the “big, gaping hole” on the roof of the trailer as they had bought it.

It was 5 years ago when the branch of tree had fallen on the aluminum structure during a storm and punctured it.

This trailer, which Anderson had repaired, included stove and fridge, bathroom with shower, and a bed.

As Anderson explains what made him choose such trailer, he explains his love for “taking something” that others consider “junk”. He loves to transform such things such that they become “the coolest thing”.


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