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Yellow River State’s Camping Resumes

Camping in northeast Iowa’s Yellow River State Forest resumed but for a limited time period, after severe weather washed down the area last month. The Natural Resources Department confirmed that camping has reopened at the campground of Big Paint Creek after the debris got removed following a major cleaning process.

The June-end storms covered Allamakee County’s wooded valleys with a thick 11 inches of rainwater. Over 80 campers got evacuated from the area, with the cleanup crews later removing the tree trunks and the picnic tables. Little damage was done to the tables and these were safely recovered.

Park Ranger Ryan Retallick was said that they had to fill some of the roads as huge amount of black dirt got washed out. As of now, Big Paint Creek has opened its gates for the campers, but the cleaning process is still in progress at Yellow River State and Little Paint Creek equestrian campgrounds.

Retallick added further that their dealing with Little Paint Creek’s heavy equipments is in its last stages and now it is the finer details and last-minute touches they are paying attention to. Now they are moving on to Creek Side Equestrian’s heavy equipment. They are hoping that by August, they can reopen the campgrounds at Little Paint Creek.

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