YMCA Camping

YMCA of Montclair Starts Registration for Summer Camps

Apart from the daily routine, parents who take the extra effort to look after the health of their children can eventually secure their child’s future.

The Family Health Snapshot by YMCA that makes surveys of the activity levels of children during their school years has taken out a recent survey where over fifty percent of the US parents complain about the technical distractions, which include television, video games, and cell phones, making it difficult for the children to be in a healthy lifestyle.

YMCA Camping

As it is that the children are free during the summer holidays, it is better to engage them in such activities as should be beneficial for their health.

Just in order that the kids spend their summer holidays with lots of adventure and activities, YMCA of Montclair extends a number of day camp offers for children from Montclair, Verona, Glen Ridge, Cedar Grove, and Bloomfield.

Most of such camps are arranged towards the end of August such as Explorers, Teen Travel, Early Adventures, and many others for varied age groups.

The Director of the Camping Services at YMCA maintains that the organization extends a great “variety of opportunities” for the children to make their summer holidays a time for “exploration”.

Registration for upcoming camp starts now. YMCA of Montclair provides financial assistance to the children who need it.

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