Backpacking Food Ideas to Make Your Adventure Unforgettable

Are you planning for your next backpacking trip? When you are going to live in outdoors away from your home, you should be very careful with your food. Enough water and food are the most required things to stay energized during your backpacking trip. So it is essential to understand the best backpacking food ideas to plan a good menu ahead of your trip.

Here are some of the backpacking food ideas

While planning for a backpacking trip, weight is always a serious concern. Backpacking trips need to carry everything on your back, so you should bring durable, easy to cook and lightweight foods.

Backpacking Food Ideas

Backpacking Food Ideas

One of the most important backpacking food ideas is to carry high energy food items, especially protein with great shelf life and very less mass and volume.

  • Some of the ordinary backpacking food ideas include: bread, cheese, sausage, pasta, peanut butter, nuts, low moisture carbohydrate foods and fruits.
  • Some of the popular snack food ideas include: energy bars, chocolates, and other candy items that offer flavor and quick energy boost.
  • Some of the traditional outdoor food items include: dried stuff such as pemmican or jerky as well as oatmeal. Raisins and nuts are also the good sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Other common backpacking food ideas include: freeze-dried stuff that can be easily made by just adding hot water. Raisins and nuts are the best sources of minerals, vitamins and proteins. To walk through the trip, you should need extra energy. For this, you need dried beans in your backpack. You can also take an instant coffee mix.

If you are looking for cheap and easy-to-prepare foods, noodles and Ramen are the best choice. Also there are some things that you should not forget to keep in your backpack, such as olive oil. You can use olive oil as dip for your bread or any kind of corn stuff. Adding a spoon of olive oil to your soup can keep you warm for several hours if you are living in a cool place. As we all know that fats naturally produce heat after digestion.

Another important one among the backpacking food ideas is to include energy drinks along with your drinking water. They help to restore the lost electrolytes within your body system. Also, you should keep in mind the weather conditions, if the weather is too cool, then you need to pack foods that keep you warm and vice versa.


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