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How to Make Easy Camping Meals

To know how to make easy camping meals is the most important thing when going out for camping. It is important to eat light and fresh to avoid undesirable circumstances. Moreover, cooking can really be turned into a fun activity under the open sky.

Sandwiches and hobo pies

Sandwiches can serve well for lunches during camping. They are easy to prepare and easier to digest. The stuffing should be kept simple and can be made of meat or vegetables. The hobo pie is a dessert. It requires two bread-slices and butter. The pie filling is mashed and then heated and then encapsulated between the breads. Grated cheese can be added to have a better taste.


Cornbread is a healthy, safe, filling, and an easy camping meal. Preparing the food requires cornmeal, water, salt, a skillet, and a little grease. Half cup cornmeal is poured into the bowl and mixed with a spoonful of butter or bacon. Water is stirred into the blend and salt is added to taste. A skillet is coated with grease and heated over fire until it starts smoking. The mixture is poured in leaving enough space on either side for flipping the bread. When the brad is ready, it is served hot in the shape of a cake.

Baked potatoes

Potatoes can be baked quite easily and these make a delightful camping meal. All that is needed to bake potatoes is putting it over low fire. However, prior to putting it on fire, it is important to poke holes through the potato skin following which it is wrapped in a tin foil. The packing should be tight after which the wrapped potato is to be placed on low fire. The potatoes would be completely baked within thirty minutes. The potatoes need to be checked if they are cooked by inserting a fork.


A pot of chili is an appropriate food when camping and an easy camping meal. In fact, it is an easy camping meal. It can be prepared in different methods and styles. These require refrigeration or cool storage. Chilli can be cooked either with ground beef or venison or turkey. The cooked meal needs to be stored in a cool place or refrigerated. The meat is browned over fire or over a camp stove and some fat is poured off. To the meat is then added brewed tomatoes, a tin of kidney beans and another of pinto beans, some jalapenos, a chopped onion, chili spice mix, and a packet full of chili powder. Water is added in sufficient quantity and the ingredients are allowed to simmer.

Hot dogs

The easiest ways of preparing meals during camping is by grilling meat. Roasting a hotdog over low fire does not require much time. These need to be stored in least refrigeration.

It is always important to know how to prepare easy camping meals to have safe and healthy camping time.

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