Chicken fingers

Try the Scary Halloween Camping Recipes

The Halloween camping recipes are some of the most palatable foods that at the same time cast a spooky look to give the eerie feel so typical of a Halloween! The recipes are all about giving the taste glands some real pleasure while camping. Here are few of the easy to make recipes.

Creepy bug buns

It would be fun to have the bugs-foods crawling to punch an eerie feel with adventure while camping. The recipe takes inspiration of pizza where the buns are filled up with mozzarella along with the bloody pizza sauce to cast a perfect Halloween feel. The heads of the bugs are formed by nuggets and pretzel sticks make for the legs. The bug buns are made from frozen dough. The bug buns can be quickly assembled and baked.

Orange filled pumpkin biscuits

The pumpkin shaped biscuits make great snacks and kids would love to eat these. Flour and butter are made into dough which is frozen. The biscuits made into the shape of pumpkin are halved and faces are made on them. When the biscuits are baked, the preferred jam can be put into the bottom with the cookie face up. It would add to Halloween feel if the jam oozes out through eyes and mouth.

Meaty mummies

For this Halloween camping recipe, skew a meatball along with a summer sausage stick of four inches and wooden skewer of six inches. A teaspoon full of pesto is to be mixed with eight ounces of cream cheese. Some of this mixture is to be spread on the meat skewer and then wrapped with fettuccine noodles that have been cooked. To make the body bulkier, more cream cheese can be added and then wrapped with extra noodles. Capers are added for eyes. The meaty mummies can be served with pasta sauce.

Bloody entrails smoothie

For making this smoothie, the ingredients needed are strawberry, bananas, natural yoghurt, and honey. The top of that the strawberries are taken and put into the blender. The banana is peeled off, sliced, and then put into the blender. Adding the yoghurt and honey, the mixture is blended well until creamy and served in glasses. Made simply and quickly, the bloody entrails smoothie is delicious.

Chicken fingers

This spooky Halloween camping recipe is an appropriate item that can be made easily without taking much time. The chicken fingers are made with chicken breasts and then served with Romesco sauce which contains vinegar, bread, tomato, paprika, garlic, almonds, pepper and salt.

Brain cocktail

The concoction can better described as delightfully gruesome! The shrimps should be arranged in a manner of putting the tails together and until they fill the bowl in layers tightly packed. Red peppers make up for the veins adding a bloody feel.

It is for sure that these Halloween camping recipes present some of the most palatable items made to resemble the spookiest appearance.

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