Hamilton Pool Nature Reserve

5 Great Camping Spots in Austin

The American city of Austin in the state of Texas is one of the best known camping destinations in the world. Austin is a thriving city and receives campers from various parts of America. The following are 5 great camping spots in Austin.

1. 71 Acre Mansfield Dam Park

This is one of the 5 great camping spots in Austin and is situated over Lake Travis. There is an abundance of greenery all around and the Lake is perfect for fishing activities in the summer season. The area is quite spacious and is capable of housing more than a hundred camping tents at a time. There are facilities for lighting a bonfire over here. The rates for camping ground hire at the Mansfield Dam Park are quite reasonable. You can afford to camp here even if you have fewer budgets.

2. Hamilton Pool Nature Reserve

This is another scenic camp site in Austin, Texas, and ranks as one of the 5 great camping spots in the city. It is situated about thirty miles away from the main city area. The easiest way to reach the Hamilton Pool Nature Reserve is by car. There is a large swimming pool over here which is situated under a waterfall. The waterfall is about fifty meters in height and is a wonderful bathing and swimming destination for travelers. There are no life guards present so only well trained swimmers should venture into the waterfall.

3. Hippie Hollow Park

Also known as MacGregor County Park, this too is one of the 5 great camping spots in Austin. It is a nude beach. There are both straight and gay sections to the beach. The beach is also one that is quiet rough and rocky.

4. Krause Springs

This is one of the 5 great camping spots in Austin as well and is owned by the well known Krause family. It is a private property that is dotted with several natural springs. There is a formal artificial pool in the manor house where campers can swim.

5. Blanco State Park

This is situated a few kilometers away from the Austin city and can be reached with the help of the car rental services. The park is maintained by the State authorities of Austin and also ranks among the 5 great camping spots in Austin. Campers can take in several exciting activities over here such as fishing, hiking and picnicking. There are also opportunities for aquatic recreations over here in the form of tubing, canoeing, kayaking and boating facilities. These occur over a dam which is relatively shallow and safe to access.

Thus, there are a number of great camping spots in Austin which make it one of the most desirable destinations in the world for campers. The ideal time to visit these camping destinations would be during the onset of the spring season. They would also be good to visit in the Fall season.




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