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7 Southern Spring Wildflower Road Trips for Enthusiasts

Roses and lilies can be seen, plucked and smelt during any season of the year in most parts of the World. However, southern spring wildflower road trips are a bonanza of rare and seasonal flowers that cannot be found in any other season. There are some places where flower-patrons should be to witness the beauty of Nature.

1. Anza-Borrego Desert

Arizona Lupines, Desert Dandelions, Barrel Cacti and the list of less-known flowers in Anza-Borrego Desert seems endless. A road trip for southern spring wildflowers is not enough in this desert as all the varieties are not visible. Hiking is the best way to witness every color, shape, size and fragrance.

2. Bluebonnet Festival

Bluebonnet Festival is organised in Chappell Hill in Texas. The western part of the state has some great spring flower destinations and this festival celebrates one of them. Visitors can see Black-eyed Susans and Indian Paintbrushes apart from the characterising Bluebonnets during this lively and fun festival, which is held annually in mid-April. The entire Texas Hill Country is a treat for flower lovers during spring.

3. Cherokee National Forest

Cherokee National Park in Appalachian Mountains is an excellent destination for the spring wildflower road trips. Roan Mountains is especially popular as a fantastic destination for wonderful Rhododendrons, which bloom in June offering a great display of colors.

4. Death Valley

Contrary to its name, the Death Valley really springs into life during spring. It has to be on every southern spring flowers road trip because the varieties of flowers change as a result of special cycle of Nature witnessed in the region. Under perfect conditions, vast expanse of gold, pink, purple or white flowers can be expected. One may not be as lucky otherwise and that makes the place intriguing.

5. Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain is the highest peak of the Blue Ridge Mountain. It is a privately owned International Biosphere Reserve where sixteen distinct ecological communities thrive within the 5000-acre expanse. Visitors have to pay for tickets to enter. However, the amount and the trip to the location are totally worth it. The wildflowers begin to bloom in March and start to shed in early autumn. Naturalist Weekend, Nature Photography Weekend, the Remarkable Rhododendron Ramble, etc. are the special nature programmes that are scheduled across the season to engage visitors.

6. Shenandoah National Park

The sheer expanse of 15 miles makes it worth multiple southern spring wildflower road trips. It extends from Waynesboro-Charlottesville to Front Royal and has wonderful botanical diversity. Skyline Drive is a dedicated scenic journey that allows visitors enjoy the splendorous natural garden.

7. The Flower Fields

Situated at Carlsbad, The Flower Fields is the right place for spring wildflower road trip. It has seemingly infinite rows of majestic flowers. It is spread across 50 acres on a hillside that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. There are more reasons to visit The Flower Fields, which includes new array of colors which has been introduced to change the color-pattern after 15 years.

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