Mitchell Falls

Australia’s 10 Camping Spots

Australia is both suitable and unlikely place for camping simultaneously. About two-third of the country is outback, which means ample place to camp, but the Australian desert is among the hottest places on the Earth and only tough species in both plant and animal kingdom thrive there. Still, Australia’s camping spots are such great places that will leave a lasting impression on campers’ memory.

1. Booderee National Park & Botanic Gardens

White sandy beach that might be second to only polar icecaps characterise this camping spot at Jervis Bay in New South Wales. It a great place to witness northerly migration of southern right and humpback whales in summer.

2. Dawsons Spring

Mt Kaputar National Park, where the Dawsons Spring exists, is called an ‘ecological island’ for its peak that is higher than the surrounding range.

3. Mitchell Falls

Mitchell River National Park is the site of one of the most idyllic waterfalls on the surface of the Earth. Mitchell Plateau is 6-kilometre long walk from the camping spot but the sight of unique 4-tier Mitchell Falls is more than worth it.

4. Mt Field National Park

Some of the tallest species of trees on the Earth can be found in this camping spot. Trees that reach 100 metres in length provide perfect habitat to some of the rare animal species in the World.

5. Mt Kosciuszko

The Main Range in Kosciuszko National Park has – Mt Kosciuszko – the highest peak in Australia. There can be hardly any other camping spot that can match or beat the experience of camping on top of the country.

6. Ormiston Gorge

West MacDonnel National Park is the home to wonderful Australian camping spot – Ormiston Gorge. Due to very little pollution, the area offers amazing night-sky view. The almost perennial water-hole is a popular stop for walkers on Larapinta Trail. A night here is spent best by lying under the open sky, which displays incredible shows of satellites and shooting stars.

7. Ryan’s Den

This campground features composting toilets on a prime real estate plot on the 91km-long Great Ocean Walk. The sight of the infinitely stretched Southern Ocean touching the horizon is any camper or hiker’s dream.

8. The Fortress

It is a long rocky flange overlooking the mountainous landscape around. Hikers generally use it as their first halt after days of hiking towards this popular Australian camping spot.

9. The Grotto

Campers can swear by the temperature at Wyndham. The place scorches at around 35° for major parts of the year (its temperature was above 32° for about 11 months in 1946). Therefore, The Grotto waterhole nearly 30 kilometres outside Wyndham is a very different Australian camping spot, where campers can dip to beat the heat without fear of crocodiles.

10. Tully Gorge National Park

It is included into Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and is the wettest camping spot in Australia. The rain-fed River Tully is popular among white-water rafters.

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