Rainy Lakes

Best Camping and Hiking Lakes for the Adventure Enthusiasts

Camping and hiking are the activities that test one’s toughness and spirit of adventure. People who love to get close to nature once in a while should also read about the best camping and hiking lakes.

Adam’s Canyon Trail

It is not for those who hike for sheer fun and some different entertainment. It is for those who really want to be face-to-face with the challenges that natural trails of nature have to offer. Situated in Utah, Adam’s Canyon Trail has the waterfall as its major attraction. The trail is about 4 miles out and back in total. The trail is visited primarily for camping, hiking and cross-country skiing. People are allowed to be accompanied by their pets that have to be kept leashed throughout the time.

Bells Canyon Trail

The total stretch of the Bells Canyon Trail, out and back, is around 4 miles. The kind of hiking experience that this trail offers is evident from the fact that it is recommended only to experienced and expert hikers. Fishing, snowshoeing and walking are the other business that can be witnessed in the region. The entire trail is used primarily for adventure purposes. The site is open to hikers from March to November.

Donut Falls Trail

It lies close to Salt Lake City and is 1½ mile trail out and back to initial point. Its waterfall is the major attraction and is definitely beautiful. The Donut Falls Trail is good for amateur as well as expert hikers. Hiking is the predominant business around the trail, which is open to people from March to November.

Hidden Falls Trail

Although it is less than half a mile of stretch in total, Hidden Falls Trail does not lack sights and scenery that other trails feature. There is beautiful waterfall and even amateur or first-time adventurers can experience hiking along the trail. It is situated near Salt Lake City in the Big Cottonwood Canyon. Hiking around Hidden Falls is allowed only from May to October.

Lake Piru

This artificial lake is situated in Los Padres Forest in Ventura County of California. Sespe Condor Sanctuary lies next to Lake Piru. The lake at the foothill is at the distance of about an hour from beaches of Hollywood or Ventura and Universal Studios. Base & trout fishing, boating, camping, hiking, swimming and water skiing are the regular adventure business on or around the lake. The good part is that campsites around Lake Piru are available very easily.

Rainy Lakes

It is situated in North Cascades National Park and is a mile long stretch that even senior citizens and physically challenged people can access. Subalpine forests with chirping birds and wet meadows soundtrack of trickling water are some of the heavenly features of this place. At the lakeside, there is also an observation deck that has interpretive signs to explain formation of lakes from glaciers and geologic time.

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