Best Camping Spots in California

Camping is a great fun activity that brings you closer to the nature. Read on to know about the major camping spots in California and know about all the outdoor activities to plan your camping trip.

Camping spots in CaliforniaCalifornia is a beautiful place surrounded with beaches, overwhelming mountains and picturesque deserts. It offers a broad range of camping spots that your entire family can enjoy. Right from lakes such as Big Bear in the Southern part of California to County Parks like Big Lagoon, there is a list of camping spots in California which helps you in planning each and every family travel.

First, if you desire to camp in the mountains in the Southern part of California then you can find captivating spots near the Big Bear Lake. Especially, during the winters you can enjoy skiing activities here. You can easily arrange for a cabin or throw a tent. Here, campers participate in several activities like horse riding, fishing, hiking, biking and kayaking. There is a National forest nearby surrounding the lake. There are plenty of different kind of fishes such as the bass and trout. This area was previously inhabited by bears and now it is not unnatural to spot animals like black bears, lions, snakes and raccoons.

Pismo Beach is one of the best camping spots in California in the coastal region. It is situated in the central part of California. This area also offers wide variety of activities like hunting, fishing, horse-riding and swimming. There is a beautiful white coloured beach lined with trees is absolutely stunning where couples and families can enjoy to their heart’s content. Areas like Oceano and beaches on the North are inlands just following the sandbanks – anyone can walk towards the shore. Tents are permitted here.

Next one of the best camping spots in California is The Big Basin Park. This is located north to the Creek Rock and this is one of the oldest parks of California. It spreads over 18000 acres of land and is called the Redwood forest. This area is marked with magnificent waterfalls and abundant valleys. There are campgrounds where 146 campsites are available in the Big Basin area. Campgrounds provide facilities like drinking water, showers and restrooms. Campsites present here have fire rings and picnic tables. Campsites are provided mainly for raising tents but hook-ups are not available.

Another camping spot is a park named D.L.Bliss that is situated on the western shore of Lake Tahoe. The D.L.Bliss Park has campsites alongside the beach that people die for. If one gets at least one camp spot then it is not bad. This campground provides warm showers along with spacious areas. One who knows swimming well can easily swim to a beach named Lester, next to rock balancing and finally discover the remarkable lighthouse.

Finally, here comes a county park “The Big Lagoon”. This is a very secure lagoon just adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. This county park is marked with salty water rich in trout, shorebirds and otters. Here people mostly enjoy water activities like swimming, sailing, boating, etc. The Big Lagoon is a picnic site, where people enjoy watching the whales and enjoying days and weeks in the Sun. These campsites also have tables, toilets but no arrangement of showers.

These are the few best camping spots in California where you can enjoy and find various sources of entertainment.

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