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How to Prepare for Wild Camping in Scotland

There are many campers around who fancy about wild camping in Scotland and want to experience the joy of camping in wilderness. Read on to know where to start and what to do to have a great experience camping in Scotland.

Millions of travelers from all over the world are known to visit Scotland every year. Scotland is a scenic destination in the United Kingdom and has a rich history of its own. It is also the perfect destination for campers and is characterized by an abundance of wilderness. Camping can sometimes prove to be quite challenging in Scotland because of the cold weather that prevails. In order to know how to engage in wild camping in Scotland you need to carry out some important steps. By doing so, you will be certain to have a happy camping experience.

Decide on the destination

The first step which you need to take for wild camping in Scotland is to decide on your destination. This is very crucial. How much you enjoy your camping trip will be influenced by the destination where you want to go. The equipment necessary for a successful camping trip can also be decided upon after locating the camping destination first. For instance, if you want to camp in the northern part of Scotland you will need more equipment than you would when visiting and camping in the coastal areas. This is because the facilities available in the highland regions are fewer.

Determine the location of camp sites

Secondly you need to determine whether or not there are camp sites in the part of Scotland you are looking to visit. This is very important if you are interested wild camping in Scotland. The location of camp sites can be done through the use of Internet. There are camping sites situated in specific parts of Scotland, mostly in the highland regions of the country. By running a search for these online, you will be certain to come across names of destinations in Scotland that are well known for camping activities.

Do a background check

You need to do a background check on the location that you will be visiting for wild camping in Scotland. This entails finding out about the prevailing weather conditions and what if there are any turbulences in weather that need to be watched out for. You also need to ensure that you have all the right camping gear with you. This includes sleeping bags, torches, tents, and ropes with which to put up the tents and hold them together. You also need to make sure that you are in possession of a map. Without a map it will be difficult for you to find your way back to the camp site in the event that you get lost.

Call 999 for emergencies

Finally, if you want to go for wild camping in Scotland, you need to know that you can call 999 any time in case of an emergency. This is the number made available to people in the United Kingdom for accessing emergency services.

Thus, there are quite a few vital steps which you need to take when going wild camping in Scotland. Taking these steps will enable you to have a truly enjoyable camping experience in the Scottish country.

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