Low Wray Campsite

Know All About Low Wray Campsite

The Low Wray camp site is a gorgeous camping destination in the country of Scotland in the United Kingdom. Campers from various corners of the globe are known to visit this place, especially in the summer season when the natural delights here are at their splendid best. The Low Wray campsite in Scotland is a place where you can engage in a large number of exciting activities. In order to know what these are you have to keep a number of things in mind.

Explore the hiking trails

One of the most important activities which you can partake in at the Low Wray campsite is hiking. While hiking is not too common among campers who are generally known to be a lazy lot, in Low Ray this is something which is quite popular. People of all age groups are known to take part in hiking over here. The hiking hours are usually limited to the morning and campers are not allowed to hike in the evening. There is no extra fee that needs to be paid in order to explore the hiking trails at the Low Ray campsite.

Take part in hunting activities

Another one of the activities which you can take part in at the Low Ray campsite is of course hunting. While this is something you cannot get to do at most other camping destinations, this campsite is the one which allows it. Fishing is also something which you can do if hunting down domestic fowl is not your favorite past time. The lakes of Low Ray in Scotland have an abundance of exotic varieties of fish. Fishing is quite a legal activity and you will not run into trouble when you are caught fishing at one of the lakes in the campsite.

Take part in bird watching

Bird watching is something that you can definitely do when you are at the Low Wray campsite in Scotland. The birds which are in residence here are the migratory birds and generally make their way to the southern parts of the world upon the arrival of winter. If you visit this campsite in summer you should not hesitate to take part in swimming activities. The lakes are characterized by crystal clear water and you can take a dip in these from time to time in order to relax and rejuvenate yourself.

There are quite a few interesting activities which you can get yourself involved in when you make your way to the Low Wray campsite in the country of Scotland. This is one of the premier camping destinations in the world and features breathtaking beauty at all times of the year. Entry fee is not too expensive and can be afforded by one and all.

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