Wild Camping in Romania

Some of the Places for Wild Camping in Romania

Unlike some countries in the Europe, free wild camping is completely legal and is a common vacation idea for many Romanians. If you too are planning for a wild camping excursion in Romania, you should certainly not expect a lot many campervans or motorhomes in the vicinity.

Various locations suited for wild camping in Romania range from vast fields aptly situated near tourist spots as well as the interiors of hairpin bends found at the Transfargen Pass. All the open spaces found in Romania offer copious space for campers to light a fire and put up a tent. Disposing garbage can be a bit of a problem in such areas as one may not find the right infrastructure for efficient rubbish disposal. However, this is not a cause of concern as the Romanians are known to be the most hospitable and tourist-friendly people around the world.

Places to go wild camping in Romania

There are several attractive sites for wild camping in Romania. One of them is Camping Turul. Camping Turul opened to the public in the year 2012. This camping site offers spacious camping places as well as modern facilities and amenities. The tents here are around 100 meter square in space and aptly located to offer a mesmerizing view of the stunning Apuseni Mountains. This is a rurally located site in the mountain foothills. The Apuseni Mountains are a part of the mighty Western Carpathians.

Another attractive place for wild camping in Romania is Camping Ananas. This camping site is in close proximity to Sibiu. Camping Ananas is a beautifully located camping site managed by German officials. It can be found close to the Cibin Mountains. There are around 25 caravans or camper pitches here.

The camping ground looks quintessentially country-side location, which is why it is favored by most wild camping enthusiasts. The camping ground here has abundant space for big as well as small tents. Modern facilities are also available and campers can also find a service station and several power plugs. Toilets for women and men as well as sanitary facilities are provided in separate rooms.

Maramures is another exotic destination for wild camping in Romania. There are quite a few wild camping sites available here and also in the nearby Borsa and the much-visited hamlet of Sepanta. If you want to go extreme wild camping then you can put up your tent close to the river found near Sighet. Here, there are abundant places to put up your camping.

Even if you take a small stroll in this area, you can come across several pieces of unused and dry land but it is advisable to first contact the owner of the land. One should also remember never to set up a camping tent in a hay farm since the local farmers would certainly not like it. Hay is necessary to survive in the long, chilly winters.

When you are camping in the wilderness or down the hills, it also helps to hire a tour guide. Your camping trip to Romania is incomplete without a visit to the Dracula’s much debated residence. There are other exotic sites to visit here like the First Romanian School and the Black Church.

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