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Tips for Camping at the Michigan State Parks

The Michigan state parks constitute beautiful camping destinations in America. They are visited by campers from all around the world and at all times of the year. They also feature breathtaking natural beauty and a plethora of wildlife. These parks are therefore perfect destinations for families who set out on camping trips.

Camping out at the Michigan state parks is not an expensive affair. The following are some of the tips which you can consider to have a successful camping experience at the Michigan parks.

Make reservations in advance

If you choose to go camping at the Michigan state parks, you should make your reservations for a space at the camping grounds well in advance. The camping grounds in the Michigan parks are quite spacious and can accommodate quite a few camping families at the same time. If you make a reservation well before, you can be assured of a place at the camping grounds. The reservation can be done through a phone call or through the Internet. The telephone is a more effective means for you to get your booking through to the camping ground authorities.

Never litter at the camping grounds

The Michigan state parks authorities do not allow campers to litter the grounds ever and not even children are spared. If anyone is caught littering the area they will be punished severely. You should take care to ensure that the camping grounds are left as clean as possible once you return from your camping activities from here. If not, you might have to pay a huge penalty and may even have to spend a few days behind bars. This unpleasant situation is something you can easily avoid when you clean up after you once you make your way back from the camping grounds.

Carry enough food supplies

You should carry enough food supplies with you when you are camping out at the Michigan state parks. The Michigan state parks are not those which are located in proximity to any food store. If you are hungry there will be no café, bistro or restaurant that you will be able to run to. You should also make sure that you carry mosquito repellants with you when you go camping in the Michigan state parks. While these parks are sprayed on a regular basis, it could be a little problematic for you if you don’t have any repellants with you.

Take fishing equipment along

Camping at the Michigan state parks would be fun if you carry your fishing equipment along with you. There are many ponds and lakes at the park that you can visit when camping over here. The lakes and the ponds in the Michigan parks contain an extensive variety of fish.

There are quite a few well known suggestions which you ought to consider when you visit the Michigan state parks for camping activities in the summer or winter season.

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