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Top 10 Family Camping Spots in the United Kingdom

United Kingdom is home to some fabulous camping destinations in the world. The camping destinations in the UK are accessible at all times of the year and are very well known for their amazing scenic beauty. The following are the top 10 family camping spots in the UK.

1. London

The suburbs of London are very well known camping areas and rank among the top 10 family camping spots in the UK. These are areas which are situated mostly by the river and the lake sides.


2. Scotland

The mountains of Scotland constitute one among the top 10 family camping spots in the UK. They are perfect for those who are fond of cold weather camping. The mountains are best navigated in the summer season when there is less snow on the mountain trails over here.

3. Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the top 10 family camping destinations in the United Kingdom and is one of the most famous beach side camping destinations in England. Campers who are fond of fishing activities will have a delightful time over here along with their families.

4. Dartmoor

The cold and dreary English county of Dartmoor is also one of the top 10 family camping spots in the United Kingdom. Indeed this is a place which can be visited only in the summer because of the extreme weather conditions that prevail. Camping by the historic churches and houses in Dartmoor can be a fun experience.

5. The Lake District

There are few camping destinations in England that are as popular as the Lake District Area. It is the birth place of the famous poet Wordsworth and was visited by him quite frequently to find inspiration for his poetry.

6. The New Forest

This is an area in the UK that is meant specifically for camping activities. The scenic glendales over here are perfect places where you can sit and picnic with your family members. You can also get a glimpse of local wildlife creatures like foxes and jackals.

7. Snowdonia

Any camper in Snowdonia will be mesmerized by the beauty which prevails over here. The backdrop of the snow-capped mountains in the northern part of England is what campers get to witness as they roast marshmallows over a bonfire and exchange stories with each other. It is good to visit in the early months of winter.

8. Pembrokeshire

Situated in Wales in the United Kingdom, this is a place that campers can visit for the best fishing activities. There are many lovely lakes and ponds in proximity to the camping sites here.

9. Essex

There are a few good camping spots in Essex which are worth checking out. The camping spots in Essex are cheap to hire.

10. Sussex

Camping in the English county of Sussex can also be a nice experience. The Sussex camp sites are quite large in size and can accommodate a sufficient number of tents.

The above top 10 family camping spots in the United Kingdom are indeed very fabulous places to visit for avid campers.

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