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Top 5 Surf Spots in the World

World’s top 5 surf spots emerge to attract a large number of surfers round the year and it goes without saying that slowly and steadily, surfing is turning out to be one of the coolest medium of earning respect amongst peers and colleagues. Surfing over the years has become a sport and a lifestyle as well. Moreover, in order to make sure that the fun survives, communities and cultures have grown surrounding it.

1. Lost Coast, California

Surfers are quite secretive when it comes down to the top surf spots on the face of the Earth. They don’t want the word to get out about the unspoiled locales, since tourists will then start flocking those areas which will result in the loss of the peaceful surfer lifestyle of the place. Lost Coast in US is the country’s longest undisturbed coastal stretch. It is yet to be discovered by several surfers, with the surf breaks being a stuff of legend. The best spot here is the Ghost Point. There are dangerous rip- tides and powerful currents in this corner of the world so one must always be very careful.

2. Gold Coast, Australia

With beaches numbering at 57 in addition to some of the greatest point- breaks in the world, the Gold Coast is an amazing place for both amateur and professional surfers to enjoy some epic waves. Renowned beaches include the likes of Tallebudgera Beach, Broadbeach, Surfer’s Paradise, Main Beach, Burleigh Heights, The Spit, and South Stradbroke Island. Warm water temperatures are provided all through the year as the region enjoys a sub-tropical climate.

3. North Shore, Hawaii

If one is planning to do a check on the top surf spots of Hawaii while beating the touristy crowd, then they must head straight to Oahu’s North Shore. This coastline is well- known for the coconut palm trees, warm, clear turquoise water, fascinating sandy- white beaches and top- class waves. Some of the planet’s best surfing spots can be found here such as Ehukai Beach Park, Sunset Beach and Banzai Pipeline. Waimea Bay is home to some of the highest recorded waves in the world.

4. Lima, Peru

This South American country is considered by many world- class surfers to be a surfing hotspot. The biggest advantage that this country enjoys is the diversity of waves one can find here. Almost everyone residing in this country is a hardcore surf enthusiast. Here, the waves are almost as big as that of the ones in Hawaii, yet the place has failed to attract a considerable amount crowd over the years.

5. Bundoran, Donegal, Ireland

Adventure- seeking surfers have thronged this place in good numbers, with Surfing Magazine recently naming this place to be a ‘must- surf’ spot which yet has remained undiscovered. Surfing equipment can be easily purchased here since it is amongst the cheapest top surf spots around.

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