Visit Canada’s Vuntut National Park for Its Scenic Views and Wildlife

Canada’s Vuntut National Park enjoys a location on the north western corner of Yukon Territory and is the most perfect place for all those who seek to explore the outer world at its best. Most of the park remains undeveloped as there are no roads and neither have there been any development of trails. The visitors to this park can also visit the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the west and the Ivvavik National Park on the north.

History of the park

1995 was the year in which this park was established. Extensive negotiations were made between the Canadian Government and Old Crow’s Vuntut Gwitchin due to a series of disagreements and land claims, and also the Yukon, which is the main factor behind the yet lagging development of the park.


When to visit the park

Vuntut National Park is most known for is its variable or changing weather. Strong winds may start blowing through without any prior signal and out of no apparent reason. There can be steep rise or fall in the temperature all of a sudden. In fact, the temperature can rise and then fall to about 59 degrees Fahrenheit in only a few hours. The tourists visiting Canada’s Vuntut National Park need to keep themselves prepared for all possible weather conditions, as it is but natural for the place to have snowfall at just anytime of the year. The tourists and travellers are often encouraged to take extra clothing, food, and fuel.

Getting there

The national park is located on the northern side of Old Crow, which is the closest of the communities to this park. The Dempster highway is the nearest road which is approximately 109 miles away and this implies that the best way to reach the park is by air.

Fees and permits

There are certain amounts of fees that is to be paid and this is in association with backcountry camping. There are certain norms that the tourists need to be aware of. The visitors, intent on staying overnight, need to register themselves when they begin the trip, and again de-register themselves at the end. The tourists can do the registration in person at Old Crow’s John Tizya Centre, or over the phone at the concerned place.

Things to do

The activities like cross-country skiing, wildlife viewing, canoeing, and hiking, can be done within the park. The best attraction of the place is watching the Porcupine Caribou herd that ranges through northern Yukon, parts of Northwest Territories, and north eastern Alaska. The park teems with wildlife that includes black bears, grizzly bears, foxes, wolverines, wolves, muskox, moose, ground squirrel, raptors, and songbirds. The facilities and services that are present within the park cost the tourists extra amounts.

Canada’s Vuntut National Park is worth a visit for the travelers seeking an option for a visit to a much unique place on the planet.

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