Creative and Unusual Camping Tents

The creative and unusual camping tents offer the campers plenty of innovative and off beat options so that they have more interesting and eye-catching tents. The tents are unusually designed but are efficient and perform at par with the traditional tents. Technology and innovation go hand in hand to become manifest in the strange tent designs.

1. Jakpak

This uniquely designed tent is made in a sway so as to serve as jacket, sleeping bag, tent at the same time. The Jakpak is quite an innovative concept and gets folded up into a bundle that can be worn on the back. The material of the tent cum jacket cum sleeping bag is made of a material that can brave all temperatures and weather conditions. The material is polyester or nylon and its chambers are secured by Velcro.

2. StarGazer Tent

This StarGazer tent would be a favourable choice for the campers who wish to keep themselves connected to nature even when asleep. The top portion of the tent is made up of a transparent or a see-through material and thus the camper can enjoy being under the sky all night as he sleeps while offering protection against the night creatures and climate.

3. Nyamuk Tent

This tent can also be called as a sleeping bag which is very compact. The tent is covered on the top and on the sides with mosquito net material. The nyamuk tent is perfect for camping in protected areas and should not be a choice when going out into the woods. This creative and unusual camping tent, in the style of a hammock, serves well when taken to secluded and less harsh areas.

4. Dress tents

The dress tents are made with innovative and beautiful designs. These are wearable architectures and made in the pattern of dresses consisting of a number of photographs that are coloured. The photos merge help the dress tent architecture merge with the surrounding landscape so as build up fashion of place.

5. Tepee

Another creative and unusual camping tent is a tepee. This is a classical style wherein the camper can enjoy perfect seclusion from the outer world while the surrounding landscape would suffer the least impact.

6. Tree tent

This is a cool architectural tent that hangs on the tree nestled in the branches of the tree. The tree tent, keeping it off the ground, is an exciting concept. The tent is given a colour so as to camouflage with its surrounding green. Looking like a balloon from outside, the tree tent is offered with a hardwood floor and a well cushioned round mattress.

7. Kahuna

This is a cool boat that can be pumped in lake or even in the sea. Kahuna is the perfect boat for camping out and has draws inspiration from the Polynesian outrigger canoes. This tent combines efficient mobility with sports equipment that offer a comfortable stay through night.

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