UFO Camping Tents

Unique Features of UFO Camping Tents

UFO camping tents are nothing more than simple tree tents. These are the latest in the trend in glamping, which combines glamour and camping. These get suspended 3 meters above the forest bed from a series of ropes. The revolutionary design of these camping tents allows two adults to stay inside comfortably. It includes a double bed which can be folded to give a shape of a bench and a wood-burning stove.

The tent has 8 spider-like ropes that can be attached to the nearby trees to hold the tent from falling. To reach the doors of the camping tent, one needs to use the wooden walkway that will lead them to the entrance. British ash wood is used in making the frame of these camping tents. It is sourced from recycled aluminum and local forests, with a cover that is entirely made from waterproof cotton.

If staying closer to nature is your dream, then UFO camping tents can be the perfect resting pads for you. These camping tents are special and unique in their design and have plenty of good looks to ogle at.

The canopy has been designed in such a way that it blends in easily with its surroundings. The tents come with a separate area for a wood-burning stove, with its underside featuring air vents so as to keep the tent cool. The design of the tent allows it to sway gently along with the trees, without disturbing the interior and the equipment within. As the tent is insulated fully, its interior will remain warm during winter and cool during the summer months.

Instead of spending one’s holidays in a mown field, they can immerse themselves completely in the woodland. It adds a twist to the entire camping experience, making it a lot more exciting and fun.

Jason Thawley, the designer of the UFO camping tents, got inspired so much with the Canadian wooden tree-houses that he started working on this design that took three years. He added that at the time of designing these camping tents, he was much concerned with the safety of its occupants as well as the forest.

Woodlands, typically, are not ideal camping locations as one has to look for a clearing, with the floor being uneven and the constant tension of being the centre of attraction for creepy crawlies. The extra height that one gets from these camping tents gives an entirely new perspective of the surrounding things.

Being mid-air, these orb-shaped UFO camping tents will be getting ample opportunities to react with their environment in more way than one. Coming at £95 a night, these tents can be a great way to form a relationship with nature. As of now, they can be found at Town Littleworth’s “The Secret Campsite” in East Sussex.

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