Creative Camping Tips

10 Creative Camping Tips

One may have turned into an expert but these 10 creative camping tips can be of great use irrespective of the number of times one have gone out without them. These tips not only make the camping a different experience but adds a fun element to it.

1. Trick Candles

It doesn’t matter how hard the wind is blowing as these candles will stay lit. These candles are decently handy but the thing that separates it from the rest is that these are completely reusable. Yes, a pinch of water can put out the trick candle but once it is dry, it’ll light up right back.

2. Kindling that even money can’t buy

The dryer lint should not be thrown out the next time one does some laundry job. Since clothes are mostly made of cotton, the loose fibres that get left over can be packed loosely but nicely enough to easily catch and maintain a steady, nice blaze.

3. Hot water

Hot water can be needed for various reasons at a campsite and if someone doesn’t have the time to build a fire, they can try this simple creative camping tip the very first minute after arriving at the camp. Some gallon sized bags (Ziploc) need to be filled with water, lump those in a trash bag (black coloured) and place them under the sun. Now if the weather is warm, it will turn the water hot in a couple of hours. However, this procedure is not particularly effective during the winter months.

4. Carrying some Crayola

When hiking in unknown territory, trail markers are an utter necessity. Many use tapes but the only problem is that one is required to go through the trouble of collecting them back on their way up the trail. So, it is better to carry some brightly coloured chalk as a marker for the trail.

5. Should not be sleeping in a puddle

Of all the creative camping tips, this one can come real handy for the avid backpackers in us. As most of the sleeping bag cases are not waterproof, one is stuck with a soaked bag at worst or a damp one at best when a downpour occurs suddenly. To make sure that this never happens, the sleeping bag can be placed inside a trash bag before putting it inside the case.

6. Hand washing station

To make this, one will require a big water jug, plastic holders and paper towels, 2 bungee cords, bucket for catching water, and a soap dispenser.

7. Using coffee can as toilet paper holder

A long slit needs to be cut on one side. Now all one requires is to put a toilet paper roll and pull a part of the paper right through the slit.

8. Reusing empty pill bottles

When it comes to creative camping tips, this simply stands out. Empty pill bottles can be used to organize supplies like pencils, thumbtacks, paperclips, rubber bands, staples, rubber bands, band- aids, etc.

9. Reusing Tic Tac boxes

These boxes can be used to store spices and carry them during the long camping trips.

10. Multipurpose belt

A belt can be of great use during the camping trips as it can put around with some hooks in the middle. Pots and other utensils can be hanged on them.

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