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5 Common Camping Injuries and Treatment Options

Camping is a healthy blend of excitement and fun. It can be a delightful and enriching experience for you if you plan it properly. When you plan a camping trip, you and your family surely look forward to spend a few days in the quiet outdoors, eating natural foods and sleeping under the stars. However, it is also easy to get injured in minor as well as severe manner if you do not proper care.

Here is the information related to 5 common camping injuries and treatment options that you should remember before you plan to take a trip with your family. These are just suggestions and you should always take a doctor’s help in a serious accident.

Weather injuries

When you are camping outdoors, weather can play a pivotal role in how your camping experience turns out to be. Needless to say, you should go through the weather forecast before you head out for camping. Dehydration, heat stroke and frostbite are some of the common injuries caused due to unfavorable weather conditions affecting campers. Thus, you should be well prepared for a weather related injury. Instead of packing too many clothes, you should carry clothes that can sustain extreme climatic conditions. To prevent dehydration and heat stroke, you should always carry a lot of fresh water with you.

Skin ailments

It is common to suffer skin ailments when camping outdoors. Skin rashes caused by oak, sumac and poison ivy can play havoc on your camping trip. You should first wash the rash using clean water. You should keep all accessories and clothing that have come in contact with land or plants separately. If you know what the rash causing plants look like, then it becomes easy to maintain distance. Prevention is always good to keep skin rashes at bay.

Another good way to prevent skin ailments is by using a good sunscreen lotion. Apart from applying sunscreen, you should also wear hats to avoid sunburn. Sunburn is the leading cause of dehydration. Always carry fresh water and aloe in case if you suffer from sunburn or dehydration.

When talking about 5 common camping injuries and treatment options, one cannot look injuries caused by insect and snake bites. Not just mosquitoes, even animal and insect bites can be harmful. You certainly do not want to get bitten by a spider or a honey bee during your camping stay. If an insect bites, apply a band-aid instantly and ensure the affected area remains immobile. Ensure that the victim is taken to the nearest hospital where required medical treatment can be administered.

Fractures and sprains are other common injuries that come in our list of 5 common camping injuries and treatment options. While climbing uneven terrain and rocky hills, it is common to get wrist sprains and ankle sprains. You should always carry portable dry ice packs to apply to sprains and fractures. Ice helps to alleviate the swelling and reduces pain.

In case of a severe fracture, then you should first immobilize the fractured bone with a medical tape. Using a blanket, newspaper or a long wooden piece, create a splint and immobilize the affected region.

These are some of the common camping injuries and the treatment options explained to make your camping trip a safe and memorable one.

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