Tips for Hygienic Camping

5 Tips for Hygienic Camping

Following the tips for hygienic camping would throw light on the ways in which people can ensure personal hygiene when outdoors. While cleanliness and hygiene is the most important part, it is often neglected when camping and this leads to infection and diseases. Here are five tips to ensure hygiene and cleanliness while camping.

1. Carry hand sanitizer

Water may not be available always when away from the camping site. Hiking through the trails or trekking the mountains and ridges are tiring and exhaustive. It requires taking light and dry food along. And this does not end here. Taking out soap and water may not be viable at all places. Sanitizers do not require water and are the most practical option at such situations. Sanitizers become especially important when the camping group consists of children. They love to munch in something and sanitizers are an easy way to make their hands free of dirt and germs before they eat.

2. Wear clean clothes

Cleanliness becomes an important aspect to ensure hygiene while camping. Each camper should carry a several sets of clothes to change during the day. It is important that each camper washes off his clothes and put on fresh and clean clothes before sleeping. Sleeping in unclean and soiled clothes can cause infections and rashes on the skin. Unclean clothes also attract poisonous insects and mites that can cause skin diseases and infections. Berghaus is one brand that offers outdoor clothing, they use breathable mesh in their materials (Gore Tex) and most of their jackets are waterproof. Below depicts an image of a waterproof jacket from Berghaus.

3. Take showers regularly

It is important to be clean at all times. The campers often retreat from taking showers when the camp site is little cold. Moreover, it is not just taking a rinse that washes off all dirt and germs. Enough scrubbing and swabbing is necessary when it concerns cleaning the body after hiking, trekking or being outdoors. The camping site should have access to running water. However, the circumstances can be otherwise and water supply may not be sufficient. For such instances, it is important to keep hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls. The exposed areas should be rubbed with the cotton balls dipped in it.

4. Carry detergents

It is impracticable to carry a world full of luggage with a complete wardrobe inside the travel bag. However, it is equally important to keep clean and fresh at all times to ensure hygiene while camping. This would require changing into cleaner sets of clothes constantly. The best way to achieve both ends is to carry a quality detergent. The idea is to clean the clothes after each wear.

5. Eat fresh food

Camping does not mean gorging on unhygienic food. Food should be packed and kept safe from dirt and germs. This is important not just for children but for adults as well, as upset bowels can upset the entire camping plan.

It is important to take care of health and hygiene while camping to stay fit and enjoy and the experience outdoors.

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