Beat the Baggage Price Hike

Beat the Baggage Price Hike

Flight prices these days are either fantastically low, or ridiculously high, and very rarely anything in-between. The cost of luggage alone can push the price up anything from £30 to £50, and when you’re trying to find a bargain, that kind of defeats the object.

The cost of a holiday can be lowered by being a little clever with the logistics of the whole thing, such as the way you get to the airport. Trains, coaches and taxis can be expensive, not to mention a little unreliable at times, so with this in mind I now always drive myself to the airport and book parking, usually Gatwick parking, as I often fly from the capital to save even more money.

I find the convenience, flexibility, and of course, the cost much more attractive compared to public transport, so whenever I book a holiday, this is now a given. I usually book through ParkBCP, where I’ve always found the best rates, so if you’re looking to save money on your A to B plans, take my advice on this one.

When you find that cheap flight, you’ll probably initially be quite excited at the cost, but then as you go into it, add on your luggage, occasionally your check in fee, and any other extras they add on, you’ll be looking at a cost quite a bit more than the price that got you all of a tizz initially. A good way to combat this in some way is to be ruthless with your luggage.

Are you going away for a week, or just a weekend?

If that’s a yes, do you think you could manage on hand luggage alone?

You are very restricted if you do this, but I managed it last year when I went away on a five days’ beach holiday. I wore my heaviest shoes, bought my toiletries at the airport, and was very ruthless and went down the mix and match clothing route, but I did manage it, and trust me, if I can do it, anyone can!

Of course, this isn’t an idea if you’re going away for two weeks, and it’s better to pick an airline that gives you more weight allowance for your cabin bag, such as EasyJet or Monarch on certain flights. 5kg is the general rule for most airlines, and this would be borderline impossible, however 10kg is certainly do-able if you’re ruthless, and that is the key.

Make sure your clothing items are mix and match, alternate for day and night, with accessories, and buy travel wash at the airport to help you out a little, when you call by for your toiletries.

Saving around £40 is certainly better in your pocket, so if you can do it, save it.


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