Eco warrior camping

Benefits of Eco Warrior Camping Style

Majority of the human population has the tendency to utilize natural resources but ignore the significance of preserving it. Eco warrior camping is the way of indulging in leisure activity that does not harm nature. Concern, knowledge and determination are the sole requirement to be an eco-warrior.

Avoid Littering

Un-traceability is the biggest identifier of conservationists. People should carry as many goods as can suffice their needs. Extra items are more likely to be left or forgotten. Besides, cans, bottles, jars and all other used goods should not be left at the campsite after use. The same holds true for toilet papers, firewood, etc.

Avoid RV

Recreational Vehicles consume far more energy than perceived by most people. Therefore, RVs cannot be involved in this form of camping. Instead, tents are available in variety of types and can be packed easily inside the boot of the car. Eco-friendly tents are even better. Campers must pitch tents within the designated camping area.

Being careful

By far, the most crucial requirement for eco warrior camping being careful. For instance, campfire can become wildfire within minutes if not properly contained. If it ever happens, which is quite possible, dozens of species can die and the ecosystem may get temporarily or permanently affected. Campers can create a fire containment pit of stones to enjoy without being continuously concerned about fire breakout.

Energy Conservation

Not using an RV does not mean that other opportunity of conservation have to be missed. Energy conservation directly impacts the expenditure/savings of people. LED torches and lanterns require as less as only 10% of energy in comparison to other lighting equipment and remain brighter for longer too. Thus, LED lights are integral to eco warrior camping. It not only ensures that the environment is safe but also makes sure that you are not affected while camping in the area.

Reusable goods

Reusable goods are a perpetual means of preserving nature while camping and otherwise. Contrasting to the existing trend of using cups, plates and vessels made of plastic or foam, ecology preservationists should use sturdy objects as much as possible. It helps in avoiding littering at the campsite with non-biodegradable elements. Using reusable goods is the only possible way to diminish production of good made of plastic and other harmful elements.

Using safe products

Using reusable goods brings another opportunity to care for the environment. Reusable good such as utensils will require cleaning. Therefore, campers must ensure that they carry co-friendly cleaning substances so that the water that drains into rivers or seeps into Earth does not harm the same. Still, cleaning should be done 100-ft away from the nearest river, stream, etc. if possible.

There are several other big and small issues as well as concerns that should be considered by campers. Those mentioned above are more prevalent (or neglected) in camping. Adopting even the basic and primary preservation steps is enough to experience eco warrior camping.

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