Subterranean Termites

Bugs to Watch Out For While Camping

They come from under the ground to harass and terrorize us all. Some insects spend the majority of their lives underground, only to come up once in a while. When they show their heads, it’s never for a nice purpose, at least not in our estimation. Let’s take a look at some of these underground terrors.

1. Cicadas

Image via Flickr by John C. Akers jr.

Cicadas in the United States have either 13 or 17 year cycles. This means that they spend either 13 or 17 years underground growing and maturing, getting ready to infest. Once they come out from under the ground, they come with one purpose – to mate. However, that purpose is usually not the only thing that happens. On top of mating, they also ruin crops, destroy trees, and infest homes. Cicadas are considered major pests.

Spring of 2013 brought a huge swarms of cicadas to several states in the country, and many people had to have netting over their crops and trees to protect them. Many were concerned about their trees, as a number of swarms crossed over this year.

2. Subterranean Termites

Image via Flickr by Stanislav Snäll

A colony of subterranean termites can grow up to a staggering population of 2 million. The creatures gain access to their food sources and stay away from open air areas by creating mud tubes in the ground. The termites have a caste system, with workers, soldiers, and reproducers. Each type of termite has different characteristics.

Many don’t realize that subterranean termites are actually the most destructive of all of the species. Because they can build through cracks in concrete and they dig in the mud and dirt. They have the potential to actually completely ruin and entirely collapse an entire building. 

3. Ants

Image via Flickr by Dawn Endico

If you look around outside for a while in the spring or summer, it’s likely that you’ll see ants. However, these creatures spend the majority of their lives underground. They simply come out of the ground to find food. This is why you’ll find ants in your home, at your picnics, and around your trash cans. Ants, like termites, have a caste system where each ant has its own job, which determines the body type of the individual ant.

Ants are destructive to structures in a variety of ways. Some ants actually make their nests inside the wood of structures and are as destructive as termites, if not more so. If a colony is large enough, it is possible that the foundation can become unstable due to the burrowing of ants, though this is rare. On top of this, if a home has an ant infestation, it is a nuisance and an irritation to the family.

Subterranean insects are not always harmful to humans or our structures. However, in many instances it does seem like they only come out of the ground to irritate and terrify us, and ruin our property. However, if you protect against these insects, you’ll have less to worry about in the long run.




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