Camping Destinations in France – Some of the Best in the World

Some well known camping destinations in France are Aquitaine, Champagne-Ardenne, Limousine, Poitou-Charentes, Brittany and the list is simply endless.

France is an outstanding destination for camping as well as holidays whether you decide to reside in a tent or a caravan. There are various tour operators who also help in arranging a camping holiday. There are various camping destinations in Francewhich offer different kinds of climatic conditions as well as landscapes comprising of heat as well as cold weather, forests, volcanoes, and snow capped mountains. One thing to be noted is that people are not allowed to camp anywhere and everywhere. They are allowed to camp only in places which are authorized by the French government.

One can camp in the Vendee region of Western France which is well known for its Atlantic Coasts. Along with camping there are numerous activities that one can try out like different water sports. Other well known camping destinations in France are Le Clarys Plage and Les Ecureuils to name a few. If you are a little more adventurous, you can venture into the Dordogne region in southern France. It comprises of different sites like Les Peneyrals and La Paille Basse.

Some camping destinations in France have a lot to offer

There are lots of people who along with camping, would also like to include visits to some cities. Camping in close proximity to a most important city can provide you with two things at a time – attraction of a city as well as relaxations in the countryside. There are some very well known cities which campers would love to visit.

Cannes is one of the most important as well as beautiful places in France which hosts the international film festival every year. It consists of exquisite things and a variety of attractions. Cannes is a home for celebrities and a paradise for beach lovers and celebrities. In all, it is one of the best destinations for camping. Another important and well known camping destination in Switzerland is the city of Dijon. The wonderful and eye striking architectures are a pleasure to look at. The city has a great cathedral which people can visit. Camping lovers cannot miss the beautiful city of Bordeaux. It is one of the largest wine growing areas. Bordeaux also celebrates a festival featuring the best wine of the year in the month of June. Bordeaux not only has the best wine, it also has a beautiful place for walking and taking a romantic stroll.

The city also boasts of some of the most famous architectural buildings and sculptures like the grand theatre and the saint Andre Cathedral. Grenoble, called the capital of the Alps is located in the mountain range. La-Bastille, the very well known historical monument overlooks the city of Grenoble. Camping at Grenoble is one of the very best and has lots of awesome sites.

This is presently a concise glance of various camping destinations in France along with fun activities. There are numerous additional exhilarating camping regions to stopover in France, each along with their unique properties and characteristics.

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