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Camping with Canines: 10 Tips for Pet Owners

Of the several advantages that come along with camping, it is the ability to tag along the furry friends that rules supreme. Not all dogs are fit for an excursion in the woods. A well-behaved and calm pooch can play a great part in enhancing the experience of the family, but a less decent one can turn out to be a pain throughout the trip. However, with some simple yet effective tips for pet owners can make the entire process of camping with canines a wonderful experience.

1. Contact the park

The first and foremost thing that one should be doing is to ensure that their dog is welcome at their destination. It’s not that every park allows pets, with some trails being off-limit. The Internet can be the perfect place to start though only a few parks provide all their information in their websites. So it is better to call the camping ground directly.

2. Training and temperament

Before one starts planning their trip, they need to ask themselves honestly whether they really need to take their dog. They should consider all the distractions and challenges they might encounter such as other campers, a foreign environment, the wildlife and other dogs.

3. Visit the vet

One needs to visit a vet’s chamber before bidding goodbye to the city. A quick little checkup will help in ensuring that their pet is in good health. The dog needs to be updated with all its shots.

4. Fight ticks and fleas

One needs to get hold of medication or spray to ward of fleas. Not only will they be causing discomfort to the pet but can also carry several life-threatening diseases.

5. Packing first aid items

Dog-specific kits are readily available in the market that may contain items such as cold compresses, forceps, tourniquets, eye wash, waterproof tape, gauze and antibiotic ointments.

6. Using current tags

It is important for the pet-owner to make sure that they are using current tags. The dog’s collar should have an identification tag with address and phone number written down and a rabies vaccination tag.

7. Understanding the limitations of the pet

The owner should not be pushing their dog too hard, particularly old dogs. Also, constant exposure to harmful elements can prove to be harmful for the pet.

8. Sleeping area needs to be comfortable

When one is camping with canines, they need to make sure that their dog is not chained outside their tent. They should be inside the tent or RV along with the family. At some sites, it is also illegal to keep the dog outside. They will be open to unvaccinated wildlife, harmful insects and other such dangerous situations.

9. Clean up the place

As a courtesy, one should be cleaning up their own messes.

10. Keep an eye on your pet

It goes without saying that you should keep a very good eye on what your pet is doing. If you are travelling, ensure you take your pet along with you.

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