Canoe Camping Tips

Canoe Camping Tips for Beginners

Canoe camping is chosen by many people because it is not only peaceful but at the same time it is an exciting activity to get full enjoyment in the outdoors. It is one camping activity that makes you feel out of the world because you are in solitude and completely independent and there is nothing better than this experience. But at the same time it is important to remain prepared and planned while canoe camping and this is the reason why some of the best canoe camping tips have been listed below.

Always get the correct boat

Any sort of camping or sport requires the equipment that would be helpful and sustainable. The same goes for canoe camping also. Canoes are available in different types and people should make their choice depending on their requirements. There are sit-in canoes and there are even sit-on canoes that are very popular for canoe camping. The sit-in canoes are not in fashion now-a-days but they are very safe and are considered to be the best canoes for beginners.

Safety measures

It is also important to remain aware of and to try implementing correct safety measures when you are on a canoe camping trip. Canoe camping is not at all easy and there are some safety tips that should always be considered. First of all people who opt for this type of camping should receive professional training and should be aware of the weather conditions. Other important information regarding the entire area should be taken into consideration so that you are able to remain safe and sound even in adverse weather conditions.

Check canoe quality

The canoe quality also serves as a very important function in ensuring the safety and the security of the people on a canoe camp. It is always a good idea to avoid the use of canoes that have been used earlier because such canoes might have damages, holes and cracks that cannot be repaired or handled by beginners. Good quality canoes should always be chosen for canoe camping no matter what they cost because they are very safe and less tedious.

Paddles and bilge pump

First of all, it is very important for beginners to choose light paddles in place of the heavy ones so that paddling is comfortable. However, it should be very clear that light paddles do not mean low quality paddles because such paddles might not be able to help you out through the camp. Apart from this, it is also important to carry extra paddles when canoe camping so that the extra paddles can be used in situations when the paddles are not able to work.

Canoes camping accessories

Another most important of all canoe camping tips is to carry canoe camping gear. There are various types of canoe camping accessories required before people try to go canoe camping such as artificial lures, rods, live bails, reels and lines. Waterproof bags are also required at a canoe camp in order to keep the accessories safe.

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