Car Camping Tips

Car Camping Tips for Safety and Security

Car camping is very different from backpacking. It includes using a car to carry all equipments and tools required for camping. Car camping is very popular among older people who do not possess the strength to carry a backpack at the camp site. Such people usually make use of a canoe, a horse or a car for this purpose. Car camping can be fun but it is important for people to remain aware of the car camping tips that ensure proper safety and also help people in getting good outdoor destinations for camping.

Car Camping Tips

Take ample water supply

Carrying proper water supply is very important when car camping because water is needed not only for drinking but also for cleansing, cooking, bathing and even first-aid. It is always a good idea to carry twice the amount of water that might be needed because shortage of water can lead have dire consequences.

Check with the first-aid kit

This is another very important tip that should be followed when car camping because accidents can always occur and it would always be great to have a first-aid kit handy. The first-aid kit should contain painkillers, salves and bandages along with lip balms and sun screen lotions or creams depending on the weather of the place chosen for camping.

Always maintain a distance from the fuel

Car fuel should never be used for starting a campfire because it can turn out to be very dangerous. Car camping does not mean that you can use anything that is related with the car because there might be circumstances when you would be out of fuel and then it would further be a problem for the entire group.

Carry good amount of food

Try carrying rice, pasta and cereals because such foods are very cheap and it is also easy to carry such foods when car camping. Dry snacks can also be carried along with some foods that can fill the stomach without having to be cooked such as jelly sandwiches and peanut butter. Energy replenishment foods like candy bars can also be carried to avoid any kind of boredom.

Avoid music

Music serves to be very entertaining when car camping but blaring loud music can spoil all the fun because it might welcome some wild animals from the deep wilderness and at the same time it might also serve as a tool for spoiling the peace of fellow campers.

Carry numerous fire starters

One of the most important car camping tips is to carry numerous fire starters and keep them separately so that there is always an alternative left if one set gets soaked or lost. There are different types of fire starters that can be carried such as matches and weather-proof lighters. But always try to keep these fire starters away from the fuel that is used in the car.

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