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Choosing the Right Outdoor Candles

There is nothing as pleasurable in this world as a great smelling candle as you enter a space. As humans, we are incredibly influenced by scents, even though we don’t realise it most of the time, so using scented candles in outdoor spaces is a great way to set the tone and enhance the natural fragrances already out there. It’s important not to overpower the senses, especially in the summer months when the flowers will already be quite aromatic, but the right candle can turn your garden into a magical space. 

Dual Function Candles

As you spend most time outside when it’s warm, it’s important to think about how candles can be used in the summer months for evenings when it’s nice enough to sit outside with a glass of wine. The main downside to an outdoor lifestyle are the insects, so finding great smelling candles that also act as insect repellent helps you to kill two birds with one stone. Citron scented candles tend to be the most popular version of these anti-mosquito and the zesty scents will mingle the warmth in the air to create a heady aroma. Best enjoyed with a glass of something fruity!

Fresh Scents

The other main sort of scent you’ll find in candles specifically made for outdoor use are ones that have “fresh” smells, such as cotton, herbs like lemongrass or rosemary and fleshy fruits like peach. Typically these tend to be aromas that you’d find outside anyway, but the strategic placement of candles around the garden and patio really heightens the fragrance. 

Mixing Natural and Synthetic Scents

It’s essential to think about what’s already growing in your garden already, as the natural scents given off by some herbs flowers will mix badly with the synthetic flavours you’re introducing. For example, if you have roses or mint growing, they tend to have a big bouquet, so you’ll want to have something light, delicate and fruity to mix in with them. However, herbs like basil or lavender only smell when you get up close to them, so placing a strong herby smell nearby will create a heady concoction in that area of the garden. 
Finally, you need to think about how to display the candles that you’ve chosen. Glass containers are always a classic look in the garden as the light flickers and spreads interesting shadows around. Having the candles hung on different levels will give you a very romantic feel to your evening as well as drawing your eyes to different features. 

Tim Aldiss writes for Yankee Candle UK.

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