Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats: Camping Style

If you work for a company that participates in corporate retreats, you’re probably aware of how fun (or awkward) they can be. There are so many great activities for team building exercises that ensure co-workers can work together efficiently. If you’re in charge of the corporate retreat or feel brave enough to pitch a few ideas, here are a few that will help you get through your camping based corporate retreat.

There are always the traditional team building exercises. The “trust fall” and rope climbing (while appropriate for camping) are a bit played out. Instead, why not have a tug-of-war or a three-legged race. It’s silly and might help to alleviate any tension that your co-workers may have about being out in the woods with the boss.

You could also set up a “treasure hunt” where some team members hide clues and/or puzzles that other team members have to solve together. You could have different “teams” based on shirt colors. Look into various corporate clothing with customized company apparel to help build team spirit. Then, you could have two to three teams a day who compete for a grand prize at the end of the retreat.

Since you’ll be outside, have a few (randomly assigned) team members build a fire together. You might want to bring instructions (not everyone was a boy scout). Having a fire will be a great way to set the mood and besides, who isn’t a fan of a nice fire? From there, you could have s’mores and other snacks that team members could take turns cooking and snacking on.

Corporate retreats don’t have to be uncomfortable and cliché. Try some of the above mentioned ideas and you just may be surprised by how much fun you have. You may even build some team spirit while you’re at it.

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