Eco-friendly Camping Guide for Camping Green

Eco-friendly Camping Guide for Camping Green

An eco-friendly camping guide is safe both for the environment and to the campers. Camping is the only way in which urban people can connect with nature. People who love adventures would love camping. People, who really care for the environment, would make sure that, while they are out for camping, all objects that they make use of are ecofriendly. Even if they are not conscious about their responsibility towards the nature and towards their immediate environment, the camping experience is sure to make them conscious by bringing them closer to nature.

For all the campers it goes that they should take endeavors to protect and care for the nature.

The soaps and detergents should be biodegradable in nature. They should not be used near any of the water resources as they pollute water. All detergents and soaps should be used two hundred feet from the water resources. It must be remembered that all kinds of soaps, even those that are biodegradable contaminate the water resources. This disturbs the ecological balance.

It is quite natural for the waste products to heap up during camping, especially where there is no appropriate place for disposal of such wastes. Most of the people who are unaware of the effects often burn these wastes. It should be noted that this is an excessively unfriendly activity when it come to protecting the environment. Some people even bury the waste. This is as much harmful to the environment as is burning those.

Fire is the most important thing that is needed when camping in the jungle. However, most of the campers often axe down the branches of trees to make fire. This should be avoided. There is plenty of fallen wood available. The requirement can also be met with drift wood. Local firewood can also be purchased. However, an eco-friendly camping guide recommends that it is safe to check the wood because often the woods are restricted from transportation to resist the invasive species. The easiest way would be to purchase from the locals who sell firewood from their homes.

All the requirements for camping must be met with ecofriendly objects. Starting from the tent and chairs, continuing straight into the cooking place, it should be remembered that every object should be eco-friendly. The LED flashlights are good options as they save a good deal of energy.

While out in the jungle for camping, it is not just necessary to keep the wild animals out, but there are several insects and bugs too that should be kept away. Proper insect and bug repellants should be carried. However, it is strongly recommended that the campers take such repellants that are organic in nature. This will not just be safe for them but would be safe for the environment as well. Most of the eco-friendly camping guides recommend the use of batteries that are rechargeable.

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