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Follow Proper Camping Storage Tips for Your Camping Gear

Camping is a great way to distress. In fact, it gives a break from the daily life where the individual can for some time break free from the confines of work and duties of everyday life. There can be other ways to relax too, other than just moving out of the hubbub of the town and communing with nature. The most important part of a camping trip is the camping gear. The best way to ensure that gear is kept well maintained and in proper condition is to see that it is given a good storage when not in use. Follow some of the camping storage tips to make your camping gear last a long time.

The camp tent

The tent should be turned inside out and washed both on the inside and the outer side with a mild soap. The fabric should be checked out thoroughly for any wear and tear, while also checking the seams. If there is any area in the tent that is out of repair, a good outdoor kit should help to repair it. Before packing the tent back again it is important to completely dry it in air. All the stakes must be gathered and those that show damage should be replaced. The stakes should be stored in their bag so that the sharp edges do not tear the tent. The stake bag should then be stored inside the tent bag. The tent bag should then be kept in such a place that is dry and free of rodents and insects.

Lanterns, grills, and camping stoves

As part of the proper camping storage tips, the lanterns, grills, and camping stoves must be thoroughly followed so that they are in good condition for long. A mild soap and little warm water can do the cleaning. The parts of the stove need to be disassembled for removing the food debris and all the greasy and sticky things. The lantern can have other debris or insects which may have got trapped in the lantern. The camping stove should then be completely dried and in case it has been washed with hose, it should be left upside down to let the water come out. The camping gear should be placed inside a protective case, which if not available should be put inside a plastic bag that is sealed tightly.

Sleeping bags

The sleeping bags are usually washable in the machine. They should be washed in warm water with a small amount of detergent inside a commercial washer in a gentle cycle. After rinsing it in cold water, a liquid fabric conditioner should be added. The alternative to machine washing is hand washing the sleeping bags in a bath tub with mild detergent. It should then be left to dry. It should then be rolled and stored in a dry place free of insects and mites.

It is evident that if campers want to store their camping materials for many years they should follow the proper camping storage tips. It would not only ensure that they keep them in a safe manner but also ensure that these valuable things are given the care they deserve.

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