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Frugal Camping for Fun with Family Within a Budget

Camping is a great means to be with family and the Nature simultaneously but can cost dearly if planned properly. People who live on a budget can also enjoy the experience by planning frugal camping. Therefore, with simple tips for this kind of camping it can always be enjoyable and never seem to be a burden.

1. Campsite Cardholder

There are various campsites that offer membership. People should opt for such membership plans even if they do not camp often. Members are offered certain discount every time they visit for camping. The discount varies between various campsites but whatever it is, it facilitates frugal camping.

2. Household Products 

Regular household products can be innovatively used for various camping necessities. Old rugs and plastic coated table cloths can be used to spread on the campground. A bottle can be used as latrine during winters and so on. This saves the cost of buying supplies for the same purpose.

3. Solar Lights

Camping is an outdoor activity and solar lamps can be used as it has several advantages. Solar lamps are perfect replacement for torches or more risky fire. Campers can carry one or a couple of them and keep them in the open for the entire day. They can light inside the tent for the entire night, which is usually not the requirement. Solar yard lights can be used if the campsite is dark or gloomy. They do not demand attention or care and are very cheap to buy. Solar lamps are helpful especially in family frugal camping, where there is risk of kids stumbling upon objects at night. Solar yard lights are weather resistant and do not require cables. Campers can purchase the one that provides just the right intensity of light so that the purpose is served without offending others.

4. Using used Items

Used items are ought to be available at cheaper prices than fresh items. However, used items does not mean straight out of someone’s use. There are quite a few who have more than they need in this World and they discard goods more frequently than others. These goods remain in good condition with the exception that their possession would be second-hand. Such tools totally fit the bill for frugal camping. There are wide varieties of used equipment available in the market and campers can choose according to their requirement.

5. Wet Wipes

This may initially seem disgusting but wet wipes like those for babies are perfect replacement for toilet paper. In fact, campers are likely to introduce this camping technique even at home. Water is often a limited resource while camping. Obviously, no camper would like to enjoy half the weekend and fall short water for the remainder. Baby wipes save water and also provide that fresh feel too. However, this may be classified as one of the extreme frugal technique but it is applicable.

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