Inn at Aberdeen

Haunted Spots in the Northwest That Campers Should Avoid

Most of the haunted spots in the northwest US are desolate and rural in character which makes them the ideal locations for paranormal activity. Several investigation groups are also employed to search for the actual truth. For campers who are planning trips to the locations nearby these places, it is suggested to be well prepared.

Port Townsend, Manresa Castle

Manresa Castle during the 1900s primarily served as bed & breakfast hotel and was home to Kate Eisenbeis. However, the girl committed suicide after getting the news of her fiancée’s death in war. It is being said that people have heard her singing during nights from the bathroom and temperatures within the castle change quite frequently. Apart from that, occurrences of doors closing and opening on their own have also been witnessed. So if you are planning out for a camping trip in the near future, make sure to avoid such places that make your trip difficult.

Inn at Aberdeen

Inn at Aberdeen used to be a historic mansion of the 1850s which is now converted into bed & breakfast hotel ideal for romantic gateways, business retreats and weddings. This place also happens to be a haunted spot in northwest as it is believed that the ghost of a girl haunts the place. The fireplace located in old master bedroom also occasionally lights itself up. Even though keepers of the inn are aware of such occurrences, they are quite happy for the people who indulge in camping activities and visitors who like to like to stay in such places.

Pensacola lighthouse

Pensacola lighthouse has always stayed in the news because of the various unnatural occurrences that take place inside the lighthouse. Whispering, human breathing and objects moving on their own have surrounded it for decades. Tales of the place also include doors getting locked suddenly and mysterious blood stains which cannot be cleaned.

Canterbury building

The building named Canterbury has almost remained unscathed through the passage of time. It is quite evident from the fact that a picture of the building set in the year 1937 is not that different from the one clicked on its present state. This haunted northwest spot is believed to be the place where a man was shot during some bar fight in the year 1978 close to the fireplace. People visiting the place can sometimes see the reflection of a man in the mirror located close to the fireplace. The scariest part is that, if one stares at the mirror for quite some time, the faceless man looks up.

Washington Hall

This place is believed to be haunted by the ghost of famous football player George Gipp. Reports of ghostly footsteps, mysterious music and doors opening mysteriously or closing are quite frequent from the ones staying there. The building presently consists of a theatre and classrooms.

There are numerous stories revolving around these haunted places. It is certainly not recommended for the weak hearts to be at any of these places. Besides the stories these are among the most scariest and haunted spots in the northwest which have remained as places of mystery and the unknown to man since a long period of time.

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