Some of the Hiking Safety Tips That You Should Remember

Hiking Safety TipsThe idea of going for hiking when the summer is at its best might sound as a wonderful idea but it is always good to remember some hiking safety tips beforehand.

There is nothing equal to the joy of walking over the mountainous regions amidst green pastures, chirpy birds and sparkling spring of water. This has become the new interest among many. But also remember that there are also many instants such as falling rocks, mosquitoes and bugs, rashes and blisters on the skin and itchy ivy. There might also be many ways to get hurt with some unexpected accidents that might occur at any time of the day. So it is necessary to be well prepared in advance and know some hiking safety tips because no matter how experienced we are, there are some very common mistakes that every hiker makes.

Some hiking safety tips to stay safe and sound

After you chart out a plan to go hiking and decide on the exact venue and location to go for hiking, it is wiser to inform either your family or friends in case of any emergency. You should tell them the location that you have chosen to trek and the details of the hiking location etc. Also tell them the time span within which you will get in touch with them each day and if they don’t get your call within a specified time then they can call for help. This plan would keep you assured that help is on the way even if you are down with a situation.

Also talking to your friends who have previous experiences in hiking would tell you how to be more careful in a particular location as the area might be infested with a wild and ferocious animal such as a bear or a tiger. Keep a check on the weather report before you opt to go for a hiking trip as it would let you know which clothes to take to dress accordingly. Another important one on the hiking safety tipsis to adopt a way and plan to stay closer to the trail as there are many chances to lose the trail and get stranded alone in the dense forests.

Follow hiking safety tips while packing your backpack

It is important that you carry some of the most essential things in your backpack that would help you in a long way such as first aid kit, matches, torch and few essential medications such as pain killers, aspirin to curb certain illness such as cough, cold, fever, insect bite and pneumonia. Also never forget to pack some extra gloves, socks, lighter, toilet paper rolls,  ointment to treat rashes and injuries, anti repellent creams and lotions, a Swiss army knife, some big knives, anti itch cream, sun block, anti fungal or anti bacterial creams and sterile gauze.

Also remember to have some important groceries and some instant foods that last for a long time during the trip. But make sure that they are well packed and tightly sealed to avoid the attention of some wild animals and squirrels that would tempt them to raid your back pack and leave you without food. Another essential thing to remember in hiking safety tipsis to have enough water. Avoid tea, coffee or energy drinks as these drinks would make you more thirsty. If you run out of water make sure you have packed a water purifier that would be helpful to drink from water springs and ponds as it might kill the bacteria in it.

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