Desert Camping

How to Camp in the Desert?

There are many people who would be thinking whether it is a viable option to camp in a desert. Desert camping has emerged to be one of the adventurous activities among the campers. It should also be mentioned that though it is an exciting opportunity beware that the deserts do not look like the ones you might see on the cowboy movies. For those who wish to know the best means as how to camp in the desert should abide by some important suggestions.

Carry water more than you believe you require

Probably one of the most important things to do is to carry loads of water. Being at the desert would increase the thirst in and the campers would gulp in much more water than they actually consume. Being aware of the local water sources besides carrying iodine tablets would also be recommended before you venture out to the desert.

Keep distance from the wild creatures

Now every region has its own ecology and inhabitants. It would be wise to respect the local animals such as snakes, lizards, or even foxes. Although they might seem to be harmless, some of them might turn out dangerous if provoked. A wise idea would be to avoid poking in some holes which you might come on your way and certainly shake your boots before you put them on again. Carrying a bandage would be recommended which can be used to wrap around areas which you might be bitten from creatures such as snakes or scorpions.

Expect colder nights

The first thing which comes to our mind when we think of deserts is the unbearable hot weather. However, for many it would be a surprise that the nights in the desert are damn chilly. There are deserts where temperatures drop to sub-zero levels, which is why it is recommended to carry warm clothing and blankets when you are camping in the desert.

Get the right tent

The tents we usually find these days are canopy which are light in colour and are made up of translucent fabrics. The floor is usually made of dark coloured tarp. These tents might not be suitable to be used in desert camping as the lights get filtered through the roof and then heats up the floor. So the best idea would be to pitch a tent in a shady area and make sure to cover the tent with an opaque tarp.

The extreme weather conditions backed by barren region might make people wonder as how to camp in the desert. But one must know that they are one of the most delicate ecosystems. The campers going to this beautiful natural terrain should make sure that they don’t harm it in any way.

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