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How to Make Camping a Spiritual Experience – What are your options?

Camping can indeed be a daunting activity for many if not planned correctly. However, it can be a fun, calming and a relaxing experience if you plan in advance. If your first camping experience was a forgettable one, then it only makes sense in bringing some changes in your camp planning. This will ensure your camping experience is an enjoyable one. If you are looking how to make camping a spiritual experience, then here are a few ways to add a spiritual touch to your camping trip.

Yoga adds spirituality to your camping

When one thinks of how to make camping a spiritual experience, the very first thing that comes to our mind is practicing yoga in the lap of nature, in the misty woods. When you are camping in the woods with your family or friends, you can wake up early morning and indulge in a rejuvenating yoga session. Even if you do not wish to immediately start yoga as soon as you wake up, you can light up a campfire, have a light breakfast and then practice. yogaRemember to carry the right yoga mats if you want to do yoga workouts during your camping. You cannot practice yoga exercises on uneven land area and you never know what kind of topography is found in the camping area. Many campers who have practiced yoga in the woods found it to be more relaxing that practicing yoga on the beach side.

If you want to know how to make camping a spiritual experience in a true sense, then you certainly should not miss out on practicing yoga in the quaint woods. The serene environment, the soft breeze in the woods and the wood-smoke is sure to lift your senses up.

Overlook hiking

If you are learning to make camping a spiritual experience, then you can also walk up to nearby foothills or mountains and view the mesmerizing scenes which are beautiful vistas. These landscapes surely let you peep inside the divine. It is always a good idea to go hiking for a spiritual overlooking experience.

If you are camping with small kids, then you can go climbing atop of a lookout hill or a tower, or opt for a duly manicured trail leading up to an overlook which has a guard rail. There are plenty of options for overlooking at most of the commercial camping sites. If you are camping alone or with adults, then overlooking options are indeed countless.

The more the hard work involved in traveling all the way to the overlook, the higher the spiritual feeling you will experience. When you are standing at the peak of the tower or the hill and as you look down the steep valley and see the amount of distance you have covered on foot, you would surely feel calm and stress-free.

The glimpse of raw nature and the surrounding beauty is sure to leave you overwhelmed. Nothing gives a spiritual high like a hard workout combined with a scenic vista. Indeed, this would be one of the most memorable camping experiences for you.

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