Camping Excursion

How to Prepare for your Camping Excursion

According to recent studies, children in the UK are increasingly losing touch with nature and the surrounding world around them. Whether this is due to a worsening climate or the rising popularity of video games remains unclear, but it cannot be denied that family friendly excursions such as camping have become increasingly side-lined since the turn of the century. This may be about to change, however, as families become more health conscious and look to engage their children in more energetic and robust pursuits.

Preparing for your Camping Trip: 3 Tips for Novice Enthusiasts

With this in mind, how should novice outdoor enthusiasts prepare for their first camping trip? Consider the following: –

Learn the Basics of Electrical Safety:

Whenever you go camping, you must be prepared for rustic and potentially damp conditions. This can be difficult and even unsafe when attempting to use electrical equipment, so it is crucial that you are able to check appliances and their function prior to travelling. One way in which you can achieve this is to choose from a range of industry accredited PASS electrical training courses, which will enable you to inspect portable appliances and their wiring.

Pack Different Layers of Clothing:

One of the biggest challenges presented by camping is exposure to cold and adverse weather, so it is important to take the right attire to help you cope with this. More specifically, you should invest in alternative layers of clothing for you and your loved ones, from skin-hugging base layers to outer garments such as fleeces, jackets and winter coats. A good fusion of clothes will allow to cater for all eventualities, which is particularly suitable if you choose to camp in the UK during the height of summer.

Prepare Independent forms of Entertainment:

For those who want to enjoy a genuine camping experience, the only way is to select a location that is far removed from civilisation. This means ignoring well-established camps and instead prioritising accessible areas of uninhabited land, where you will be forced to make your own entertainment and food provisions. While this may seem intimidating to some, it is the only genuine way to sample the great outdoors and expose your children to the many wonders of the natural world. This will require a great amount of preparation, and it is important that you are able to keep your children occupied at all times.

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