How to Camp Without a Tent

Know How to Camp Without a Tent

Camping is great fun for adventure seekers, explorers and wild life travelers but what if there is no tent for some reasons. Well, if they know how to camp without a tent the adventure seems even more thrilling. Camping isn’t for people who go out on extravagant vacations with friends and family to some exotic location. In fact, it is for those travelers who can go to any place, any time with anyone, because their reason of travelling isn’t rejuvenation but it is their passion and curiosity to explore new things.

As soon as I take the word Camp, a tent or a bonfire strikes your mind right, but camping is not only about tents and bonfire, it is used is broader meaning. Camping can be termed to any adventure trip or exploration done in some natural park, lake side, woods or countryside therefore it can be with or without a tent.

Camping can be very troubling and difficult for people who are used to comfortable living, but explorers even rejoices the idea of camping, in fact, there are few who are ok with the idea of camping without a tent. Though it might sound a little weird to people who are new to the whole idea of adventure trips, but those who are regulars very well understand and even enjoy camping without the tent.

Camping without a tent is the latest trend among the campers, this is usually done by the people who take quick trips of one or two days, carrying tents and tarps can be very difficult at times. The tarps and tents though are made up of cloth or plastic, but they are very heavy as they have many joints and ropes attached to them. Thus, short trippers hardly carry such baggage with them as camping without a tent can be equally adventurous. There was a time when carrying those heavy tents were must as be it for a day or two sleeping is a must, but now with the changing time and advanced technology, there are many substitutes made to provide a sound asleep while you are out camping.

Camping itself is a wild experience, then why to make it homely and cozy again by getting a comfy tent with you, there is very few times you get the opportunity to sleep under the starry sky. First, we hardly get to see stars and clear sky in towns due to the pollution and density of buildings everywhere, now when you get the chance of enjoying a natural sleep, grab the opportunity and enjoy it.

Get yourself a sleeping mat while you are on camp trip, clean the area where you can roll out the mat and sleep on it. You can also get sleeping bags, bivouac sack, tarpaulin sheet, swamp bed, and hammock. These beds are made up of different material which is lighter and easier to carry. They are quite affordable as well and very easily available at any bedding shop. Apart from these beddings and sleeping bags there are other substitutes as well that one can use during camping and finding or making a safe shelter with what is available at hand in the woods is one of them. You can even build a shelter with tarpaulin, snow and other such natural shelters to sleep safe and camp without a tent.

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