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Know the 10 Useful Tips for Camping Abroad

Camping on a foreign soil requires extra preparation due to the unfamiliarity with the conventions, traditions, regulations, etc. of the country that you are planning to visit. Campers and tourists are going to find the following 10 useful tips for camping abroad helpful in their quest for adventure.

1. Cars

Diesel, petrol and few kinds of gases are used as fuel for cars. However, not all of them are allowed across the borders of different countries. Hence, cars should be used only if it is known to be allowed to cross the border.

2. Weather Conditions

Camping experience can become memorable or nightmarish due to climate and weather-pattern of the country. So, selection of location should be made according to the suitability of the weather.

3. Currency

Nothing can be done if the currency is not exchanged to the equivalent of the country that is visited. However, travelling between certain countries, such as members of European Union, does not require currency exchange.

4. Electric Supply

Custom of electric supply in the country is very important to be aware of. The arrangement of sockets and plugs are in accordance with the convention followed in that country. It is safe practice to carry polarity tester and polarity reverser for camping abroad. Carrying a light UPS for sensitive devices is even safer.

5. Gas Supply

Butane and Propane are the gases used for domestic purposes such as cooking. However, Butane liquefies at around freezing point but Propane remains gaseous up to 40°C. So, Propane is safer bet for camping even though Butane heats more efficiently. LPG cylinders must always be kept upright.

6. Health Requirements

The healthcare system differs drastically between various countries. Hygiene can be sensitive matter in some countries, such as Switzerland, while it may not be worth concern in many countries, such as some of African nations. Confidence in adaptability is required in case of daring camp ventures.

7. Insurance

By far, the most dependable of all the 10 useful tips for camping abroad is to get appropriate insurance coverage for the adventure and tourism.

8. Some Issues & Problems to Consider

Receptionist and manager of the campsite, tour operator and the government agencies can be contacted in order they are mentioned in case of any issue or problem during camping abroad.

9. Passports & Visas

Validity of Passport and visa is the most important factor that one has to be alert of. Even if the planned visit is to the country that does not require passport or visa, the former is the important enough to be with the visitor during camping abroad.

10. Pets

Rules for pets are the most varying vastly across countries. It is important to be aware of the immigration, vaccination and other rules regarding pets in the destination country.

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