Tips for Camping in the Mountains

Know the Tips for Camping in the Mountains

Camping is always an adventurous experience that requires some of the tips for camping in the mountains. It is hard to believe but the most rewarding and coolest camps include the rocky terrains and the mountains which are the hardest to climb. Other than the notable difficulties of climbing, the campers physiologically residing close to the sea level find it difficult to adjust in the higher altitudes. The weather conditions in these mountains seem unpredictable and have the past history of wreaking havoc. Yet campers can have a truly enjoyable experience of mountain camping.

Stick to the leeward side of the mountain

Whether you are hiking or camping in the Appalachians or the Rockies, the thumb rule that is required to be kept in mind is that you must always camp in the leeward side of the mountain. The leeward side considerably experiences less wind than the other side of the mountain. Additionally the different weather changing events tend to have milder effects in the leeward side compared to the windward side of a mountain. It leaves you with less vulnerability facing the challenges from Mother Nature.

Carry water and bananas

The key ingredients that can keep you healthy and fit in the higher altitude especially during your camping or hiking trips are water and bananas. These products allow you to stay hydrated and maintain the effective balance of your electrolysis. Bananas are rich in potassium which prevents you from headaches and muscle cramps that usually plague the campers at the higher altitudes.

Pack extra rope and stakes

Though you might camp at the leeward side, yet you must be prepared to expect high winds in the mountains compared to the sea level. The things that you usually don’t tie are likely to be secured at some point of camping time. You must make sure that you carry extra ropes and stakes which will make your stay considerably easier during your camping.

Carry moisturizing lotion and sunscreen

The air at the mountains is dry and sunlight is intense; hence to prevent any sunburns and dry skin you must never forget moisturizing lotions and sunscreens. You must not think about what time of the year you should plan your mountain trip to prevent these stuffs. Whether it is summer or winter, mountains can deliver dry air and intensive sunlight. Use moisturizers especially in sensitive areas like your face and neck, generously and regularly to have an extra layer of protection.

People now-a-days are extensively in this outdoor adventure turning themselves into campers. Though camping requires an extra precaution and pre planning yet it can render you an experience of your lifetime. The above mentioned tips for camping in the mountains ensure that you have an adventurous and memorable mountain camping experience.

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