Camping Survival Skills

Knowledge of Camping Survival Skills Is Very Important

It is always very difficult to survive in the mountains, woods and other uncomfortable environments especially for those who do not have the experience of living in such conditions. Therefore it is very important for people especially those who like camping, to have a very specific knowledge about camping survival skills so that they can remain well prepared about the surroundings and the mishaps that can occur anytime. Some of the basic skills that are required to be known during a camp have been discussed below.


Navigation skills and proper knowledge about maps, roads, rivers and areas are very important for the campers in order to do well in circumstances when they get lost. Navigation skills always help campers in retracing their steps and following the right path so that they can emerge successful during their camp.

Identification of dangerous plants

Identification of dangerous plants is a very important skill that campers should possess because misidentifying a dangerous plant can result in rashes, dehydration and diarrhea. While on a camp, the life of a camper depends on his or her ability to avoid plants that are dangerous and therefore it is important for them to have a specific knowledge about identifying indigenous plants in a new area.

Catching animals and fish

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that a healthy human being can live for several weeks without food but eventually the need for food is likely to arise and therefore it is important to possess the skills of catching small animals and fish for survival. Fishing line should always be carried when on a camp because a fishing line can not only be used for catching fish but for trapping other small animals as well.

Ability to find and purify water

Campers should possess the ability to strain water or create solar by the use of plastic bag in order to save one’s life during an emergency. They should also possess the ability to purify water by boiling it before drinking. It is very true that a normal human being can live for only two days without water and therefore it is very important for campers to have a good idea regarding finding water and then purifying it for the purpose of drinking.

Building fire

Campers should make it a point to know how to make fire without the use of matches. This can be done by the use of sticks and soft rock that have to be rubbed against each other. Fire can also be created by the use of magnifying glass and or flint stones. Fire is required for survival and therefore it is very important for campers to possess this skill which is considered to be the most important of all camping survival skills.

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